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Mental Resolve

Every performance is 90% mental.
Mental Courage will teach you how to reach your mental peak.

Every action we take in sports starts in the mind. Those who are mentally strong are more determined, focused, confident, in control, and better than their opponents. Unfortunately, not much time is spent teaching the skills necessary to become mentally tough.

Through weekly video presentations and interviews, will teach you how to be resilient and mentally solid. We will show you how to remain composed and focused under pressure so that you can maximize your potential and achieve consistent peak performance every time, all the time, without fear. It’s time to unlock your mental courage!

About Your Mental Skills Coach


M.Ed. Education, School Counseling Psychology, Positive Coaching, G.C. Positive Psychology, and a member of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology (AASP)

Rod has over 20 years of experience working with student-athletes.

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