Mental Skills Training Gives You
The Competitive Edge

You’ve been taught how to develop and improve your physical abilities.

Mental Courage will teach you how to develop and use your mental skills.

Weekly Video Content That Will Teach You:
  • How to be focused, confident, and in control of your emotions.
  • How to play with grit and without fear.
  • How to remain composed in pressure situations.
  • How to achieve consistent peak performance.
  • How to remain in the present without distraction.
  • How to replace negative self-talk with positive thought patterns.
  • How to use breathing, visualization, and cue words to your advantage.

Why Mental Courage?

While professional coaches and athletes utilize their mental skills daily, a recent study also found that college coaches recruit student-athletes as much for their mental toughness as their physical skills. Therefore, developing your mental ability is essential in your success as an athlete.

“You need to be disciplined mentally and physically, on and off the field — it’s required for consistency in this game.”

Mike Shildt Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals

How Student-Athletes Improve Their Game

Every week, a new video will be streamed for you to watch at your convenience. Each video will cover topics and concepts designed to increase and enhance your mental skills. Current and former athletes and coaches will also discuss the importance of developing your mental toughness in order to achieve the success you are looking for. Each week will build and expand upon the previous topic so that you will experience constant growth.